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Cesoie per capelli rossi Saki

Prezzo scontato€143,95
6 disponibili

Materiale: 440C

Dimensioni: 6.0 Inches

Progettato per: Uso professionale

Spedizione e restituzione: Gratuito per tutte le cesoie

Garanzia: Lifetime

Cesoie per capelli rossi Saki
Cesoie per capelli rossi Saki Prezzo scontato€143,95

Free shipping and Returns

Enjoy complimentary shipping and hassle-free returns on Cesoie per capelli rossi Saki across the United States.

Lifetime Warranty

Each pair of Cesoie per capelli rossi Saki comes with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

Exceptional Value

Premium quality 440C steel without the premium price tag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very sharp and very comfortable to work with. Cuts hair like a hot knife to butter. 5 🌟

Saki red

Granted I've been using these red saki scissors for a solid week now so time will tell how they hold up longterm, but so far I am enjoying them with a few minor gripes. Visually, they look awesome. Clients and coworkers comment on them often as they definitely stand out in my scissor stand full of stainless steel and black tools. I love the handle as it somewhat resembles the shape of some of my mizutani scissors and the crane grip is great for inverted cutting, which I do quite often.
Now for the gripes: the finger holes are LARGE. I have big hands and have never used finger inserts throughout my career but I've had to adjust my grip in many cases because the finger holes are just so wide open. I'll probably end up finding some inserts to correct the issue.
They also don't come preset to any correct adjustment, meaning you can't use them right out the gate without some fine tuning.
The final gripe, is nowhere on the scissor do I see a mention of either the steel or the country of origin. So in the future I'll probably take them into my sharpener just to get them in razor sharp condition.

Michelle Morelli

Saki Red Hair Cutting Shears

Donna McLeod

excellent support when asked questions on my order. Would order again from them.

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Cesoie per capelli rossi Saki

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